Two new Challenges

During the Holidays we have time to relax and play games. What a nice opportunity to compete against other players on the Block Soccer game. As of today, two new Challenges are added in the Challenges screen.

These new challenges are part of the Hard section, and you will find them at the bottom of the list. They are Challenge 17 and Challenge 18. One thing that we need to stress out here is that in order to play these challenged you need to have the latest version of the app.

Both these Challenges have 3 obstacles, and the weather is sunny. Two of the 3 obstacles are at the center of the field, and the difference between these challenges is the gap between these two obstacles.

In Challenge 17 that gap is about 20% of your device’s screen’s width, and in Challenge 18 it is about 10% of your device’s screen’s width. In both challenges the ball is located at the bottom of the field, but in Challenge 17 it moves to the left, and in Challenge 18 to the right.

Enjoy the game

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