New Mobile Version

iOS version 1.7 and Android version 1.4 are available for download, with the following changes:

  • Option to delay Player’s response: Default value is disabled, but you can select among the following values:
    • Disabled
    • Slow
    • CPU
    • Fast
  • Correct the position of the players name in a local game: The CPU name is positioned at the top of the screen
  • A small change in the code that detects the collision

Up until now, when you start a local game you can control the CPU response time, i.e., you control how quickly the CPU will make its move. This means that the faster the CPU response time is, the harder to beat the CPU is. But, even then, it is not fair for the CPU, because of that delay, no matter how small it is.

We decided to fix this by adding a small delay in the player’s response. We do know that now it is getting harder to beat the CPU, and that’s why we have the following options:

  • Disabled: This is the default case, and there is no delay
  • CPU: Now, the delay is equal to the delay that you selected for the CPU
  • Slow: Now, the delay is larger than the delay you selected for the CPU
  • Fast: Now, the delay is smaller than the delay you selected for the CPU

You have full control on how difficult you are going to make this game. Will you take on the challenge?

Enjoy the game