Levels of Difficulty

When you play a game against the CPU you control the Ball speed, the CPU speed, and the Player speed, as it is displayed in the next screenshots.

The Ball speed controls how fast the ball is in the field, the CPU speed controls how often the CPU will make a move, and the Player speed controls how often the player can make a move.

CPU Level

Even though when you change the CPU speed you do not make the CPU “smarter”, you do increase the level of difficulty, because you need to act faster (or slower).

The default CPU speed is at the normal level. But, there are 4 more levels to select from:

  • Very slow, about 20% slower than the default speed
  • Slow, about 10% slower than the default speed
  • Fast, about 10% faster than the default speed
  • Very fast, about 20% faster than the default speed

In addition to the above changes in the CPU speed, in the versions 1.2 (Android), and 1.4 (iOS) we added the dynamic CPU speed. This means that if you play at one level (i.e., Very slow), and you are getting really good at it, the CPU speed may be higher than the Slow or even the Fast level.

Player Level

The default Player speed is disabled, i.e, no restrictions. But, there are 3 more levels to select from:

  • Disabled: There is no restriction on how often to create a wall
  • Slow: The delay is larger than the CPU delay
  • CPU: The delay is equal to the CPU delay
  • Fast: The delay is smaller than the CPU delay

Enabling the Player Level will make the game a little harder to beat the CPU, but certainly more interesting. You have full control on the Player level, and the default value is disabled. But, do try to test your skills on the other 3 levels.