How to Play an Online Game

Starting with version 1.5, you can play a game against other online players. Needless to say that you need to have access to the Internet for this to work. The process to start an online game is two-fold:

  • Select a player
  • Player accepts the invitation

Each game lasts 1 minute. At the end of a game, you can select to start a new game or you can terminate it and play a new game with a different player.

Main Screen

Version 1.5 has two important UI changes in the main screen, as we see in the next screenshot

At the top of the list of actions we see a new button, “Online”. This is the button that we need to click on in order to start an online game. Did you notice the number 2 at the top right corner in the Online button? This number indicates how many players are currently online.

Did you notice the balls in the top right corner? We will talk about those in a different article

Online Players List Screen

When you click on the “Online” button you go to the screen with the list of online players.

In this screen we see the players who are currently online. This list is constantly being updated. In addition to the player’s name, we see their points, and how many games they have won and lost. We select a player by clicking on him/her. When we do this, we will see a spinning wheel prompting us to wait until the other player response to our request.

In the meantime, the other player sees the following dialog

You have the right to accept or decline the invitation. If you decline it you can continue doing what it is that you were doing. But, if you accept the invitation, you will be directed to the Online Game screen.

Online Game Screen

This screen is no different than the one when you played against the CPU. But, it does have a few minor differences that we need to mention:

  • No ads, There are no ads when you play an online game, so that you are not destructed by them
  • Your position is not fixed. Your goal post may be at the top or at the bottom of the screen. The name next to the goal post indicates whose goal post that post is
  • The soccer field does not take all space. Usually when you invite a player, the soccer field will take all space. But when you are invited it may not.

Since you will play an online game, the quality of the game greatly depends on the quality of your Internet. Also, you may see the ball bouncing off a wall after it has passed over it OR, it may suddenly change direction. All these are normal, and in a different article we will explain in details how the online game works.