How to Play a Game

We first start from the Main screen, and we select the “Play” button. This opens the Play screen.

At the top of the screen we have the “Back” button, the timer, and the score. The “Back” button will terminate the game, and it will take us back to the Main screen. The timer starts from 3 minutes, and it decreases until 0 minute. We can start a new game, when this game is over.

Note that in the Android version there is no “Back” button. If you want to go back, you tap on your device back button

Βefore we start a game we need to select the time period, the ball speed, the CPU speed, and the Player speed.

The time period varies between 1 min and 9 minutes. The ball speed and the CPU speed varies between “Very slow” and “Very fast”. When you change the CPU speed, you change the level of difficulty. The Player speed is set by default to disable. But, you can set it to Slow, CPU or Fast, and this greatly affects the level of difficulty.

Game Purpose

As with all Soccer games, the purpose of the game is to win the game by scoring more goals than our opponent. Our post is at the bottom of the screen, and our opponent’s post is at the top.

Ball Movement

You do not control the speed of the ball, but its direction. The ball is always moving, and you can change its direction by blocking it. You block the ball by creating a “wall”, which forces the ball to bounce off and thus to change its direction. A “wall” is created when you slide your finger on the screen. A wall is visible for few seconds. When the time is elapsed, the wall is removed from the screen.

In the Practice room, you play alone, without an opponent. But, in the Game room, you play against the CPU. Thus, the CPU will also block the ball, and try to force the ball to move towards your post. Are you fast enough to beat the CPU?


Winner is the player who scores the most goals. At the end of a game, you are prompted to start a new game or go back to the main screen.